5 Ideas to Decorate The Wall Behind The TV

Decorate Wall
When it comes to your TV wall, there is so much more you can do than just hanging a picture or leaving it plain.
Let us explore five easy yet unique ways to liven up that area and create a focal point for your TV area.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Forget about hanging just one picture and choose to go for a whole gallery. Mix up different-sized frames and put in a bunch of stuff that makes you smile, such as family photos, cool artwork, or even some 3D stuff like shadow boxes. It is like making a mini art show right around your TV. This not only looks cool but also makes your TV spot feel more personal.

2. Bring in Some Nature

Imagine having a bit of nature right behind your TV. That is what a green wall can do. You don’t need a huge garden. You can simply put up some shelves and arrange potted plants or even fake greenery. It adds a touch of the outdoors and makes your TV area feel like a cozy nature corner.

3. Go for Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are like magic. They not only look good but they also give you a place to show off cool stuff. Mix it up with some decorations, your favorite books, or even a tiny indoor plant. Get shelves in different sizes and stick them around your TV for a dynamic and good-looking setup.

4. Try Textured Wall Panels

Want to make your TV wall more interesting? Textured wall panels are the answer. They are like adding a bit of 3D to your space. You can choose panels made of wood, reclaimed pallets, or even cool wallpapers. It’s an easy way to make your TV wall look stylish and cozy.

5. Light It Up

Ever thought about adding some special lighting to your TV area? It is like adding a bit of movie magic at home. Stick some LED lights or recessed lighting behind your TV to create a soft glow. This not only makes watching TV easier on your eyes but also makes your whole setup look modern and cool.

Bonus Idea Hide: Stuff Behind Art

Here’s a cool idea that’s also practical. Make use of a piece of wall art to hide things. It could be a big canvas or a panel that slides. Behind it, you can hide messy cords, your gaming stuff, or even a tiny bar cabinet. It’s like having a secret storage spot that looks like art. How cool is that?
In the end, your TV wall is like a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch. Whether you go for a gallery wall full of memories, a touch of nature, or some cool lighting, these simple ideas will turn your TV area into a spot that’s uniquely yours.
So, let your imagination run wild, and let’s make that TV wall pop!

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